Radio Host Alex Jones Denounces QAnon After Capitol Hill Riot

The far-right political radio host and conspiracy theorist declares he’s so done with QAnon believers after he recently admitted to having led the mob storming the Capitol Hill.

AceShowbizAlex Jones is so done with QAnon believers. Being a conspiracy theorist himself, the radio host has publicly denounced the far-right conspiracy theory following his involvement in the violent siege at the Capitol Hill.

The far-right political radio host blasted QAnon and its believers during a segment in a new episode of his show, “The Alex Jones Show”. “Because every god damn thing out of you people’s mouths doesn’t come true. And it’s always ‘oh, there’s energy’ or ‘oh, now we’re done with Trump,’ ” he said.

“You said he was the messiah! You said he was invincible! You said that it was all over. That they were going to Gitmo. And now that he’s part of a larger thing of Q,” he went on exclaiming. “I will not suffer your Q people after this. I knew what you were day one, I know what you are now, and I’m sick of it.”

QAnon is a disproven far-right conspiracy theory alleging that a cabal of Satan-worshipping cannibalistic pedophiles is running a global child sex-trafficking ring and plotting against U.S. president Donald Trump, who is fighting the cabal. QAnon supporters have accused many liberal Hollywood actors, Democratic politicians and high-ranking government officials of being members of the cabal.

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Prior to this, Alex made headlines after he accidentally spilled the beans on who was behind the Capitol Hill riot. The infamous conspiracy theorist inadvertently admitted that he was leading the pro-Trump supporters to storm the building in Washington D.C. under the White House’s direction on Wednesday, January 6.

He told viewers of his radio show that he was told to lead the mob days in advance. “And then the White House told me three days before, ‘We’re going to have you lead the march. The Secret Service – before Trump finishes, 30 minutes before – so we-ll lead you to a point, take you out of the front row and lead you to the place where they want you to start the march and Trump will tell people, ‘Go, and I’m going to meet you at the Capitol,’ ‘ ” he shared.

Attempting to blame Antifa for the riot, he claimed, “There was a million people outside of the Ellipse that was – you know, metal detectors, folks coming in. And so, by the time I got out there 20 minutes, 30 minutes before Trump finished his speech there were already hundreds of thousands of people ahead of me marching.”

“They had their classic elbow pads and knee pads, because that’s what the wimps wear, out there screaming, ‘F Antifa’ and Proud Boy chants to try and blame the Proud Boys,” he added.

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