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This means that in the past year you have probably read over 4 reviews about Radha Beauty before you noticed it with your search parameters:And the search is finished:You can see that there are currently 2 reviews, the first with 4 and the second with 8 stars. Both of them are from people who bought Radha Beauty recently. The star rating of 8 is a bit weird, but if we look at the user name it shows that it is a user name of the seller, so we can assume that she is a real person who bought the product. You have two options now:Do you post a reply to the first review to say that you would like to buy the product as well and thank her for her review. Do you leave your search parameters blank in the hope that the seller will reply to you. If you do the latter, you will have to search again for Radha Beauty and this time you will not find it. If you do the former, you are certain that you may find it, so do you leave search parameters blank in order to search again. A, YesB, NoThe first comment replies to you:Hey, Im going to be more specific in my review since someone is probably coming to this forum to look for it and then leave a bad review, so Im not sure if the 5 star rating is going to be okay for your needs, so I want you to leave this one star. Let me know if thats okay or not. Thanks, You leave your search parameters blank and that is the end of your search. You didnt read any new reviews during your search. All you can conclude is that Radha Beauty is indeed popular and that you didnt find anything related to you. As you are about to click your browsers back button, you think of an idea. I wonder if I can find anything about her on the Internet to thank her for her review. You start doing a quick Google search for the name Radha Beauty, and what do you find. You continue searchingYou get to Radha Beautys profile and you see that she has a blog: Your interest is piqued. And that is when you learned why Radha Beauty said her name is Jessicaboss:She is from the Netherlands :, Jessicaboss is a name that means little mouse or mouse in Dutch and this name is also what her blog name translates to.

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