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Aug 2018OzymandiasI have to say, I was a little disappointed the beauty forum got shut down. The user-base was small at first, but it grew as time went on. I especially liked that I could talk to other people who shared my interests. However, as the community grew, so did the drama that often occurred on the site. It got to the point where I felt it was getting out of hand. I would get angry at the users, especially those who were in it exclusively to insult other users. I would usually even send nasty messages to other users in the thread to get them to stop acting like assholes. I started to find myself going into the user names of people and finding out their personal information and sometimes that information was used against them in some manner. I would even go so far as to do the same to people. After having this happen, I quit the beauty forum. I didnt realize that I was even talking to real people until it was too late I suppose. 32 Mar 2019OzymandiasHey Ozymandias, I know you dont visit this site very often, but Id really like to check it out. I have to say, its been a long time since I actually used a bulletin board app and Im a bit anxious about whether or not Ill like what I find. But if theres anything you think I should look for, let me know. In any case, Ive got a few questions for you. 33 Jan 2019OzymandiasHey Ozymandias, I was wondering what you were up to these days. I know you guys werent around as much as you probably would have liked to be when this community was just getting started, sigh but Im always glad to see you guys hanging around. I think I can actually say one thing that will be a big help to all of us here: The forum has a huge archive. I found this archive today while trying to look something up that I stumbled upon while searching for something else and when I looked up, I was so surprised that the site is still available. I mean I remember it feeling like this site was dead when I first got here, but I know now that it was dead, and it will be really sad and I think that I wont be able to miss it if thats true. Ive been lurking and Ive always liked this bulletin board app. It seems like a better idea than the one we have here. So maybe you should visit that archive for all of us. I mean even if you dont like this part of the internet, youll be able to find some amazing stuff if you visit the archive, right. You know, if youre lucky and have a little time and can spare it. Maybe then you can find even more things.

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