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You see this as a great opportunity to test your abilities and you are happy to take it. You think you will be able to find out about everything you need for your new life quickly, but it seems you have been spending too much time in the store. T find anything useful to your needs. You are wondering how you are going to pass the tests and tests in general. Ve learned enough now to pass tests and pass them quickly. Re not really sure how long you are going to go with this but you think you can go a little longer than a month. You decide to do this right which means you probably will spend the whole month in the store taking everything in, and you probably will have to do the same thing for the next month, this has got to get boring. Maybe you could at least take a couple of extra days out of your month to have fun. Ll take the rest of the money and buy as much as you want and as soon as you need. A couple of months later you arrive at the store. The store is in a rather run down area, mostly the clothing stores are like this and no one bothers you at the store so there are no problems. You take one look at the things you see and you become extremely excited about your new life. You spend all your money that evening. You spent a couple of days in the store taking in everything you could and you spent the rest of your time going to the store buying more. The more you purchased the more excited and happy you became. T even notice that you were going in and out of consciousness.

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