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The new mansion of the Beasts family in Beauty and the Beast, 2017. Smith was arrested at a town hall meeting in Perth on Monday after he declined to answer questions from the media about same-sex marriage or issues on LGBTI, lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer, issues such as the Safe Schools anti-bullying program, the Greens said in a statement. A witness to the arrest said Smith was not asked a single question before he was put in a police car and driven away from the meeting. I was asked if I was a member of the Greens party; I replied that I was not and that was that, Smith said in a statement to Australian broadcaster ABC. I was then asked to leave by the security guard and as I did so a police officer entered and told me I must go. Smith told ABC a number of the other members of the public who had been asked to leave had initially refused to do so, but that he had agreed to leave because he was not given an option to leave. I wasnt asked any questions, it was totally about being a member of the Greens, he told the broadcaster. Smiths arrest has been condemned by Greens leader Richard Di Natale, who released a statement calling the arrest of Smith a violation of his right to freedom of peaceful assembly. The Greens say the arrests were ordered by police chief Ken Isaacs following a complaint from Christian Lobby activist and marriage equality opponent Nick Minchin. In the statement Di Natale said Isaacs complaint had been dismissed and accused the police of appalling breaches of free speech and political freedom. The Greens will not be intimidated into silence by the abuse of power inflicted by this government, he said. Police forces need to ensure that our members do not feel intimidated in making political statements. Di Natale has been a vocal defender of free speech, even while calling for the decriminalisation of drug use, gay sex and same-sex marriage. Its not the first time a politician has faced arrest for his.

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