Prince William & Kate are headed to France this weekend for the Rugby World Cup

Do y’all want to hear the most hilariously stupid royal plot ever? Prince William and Kate, two desperate losers, are now scheduled to attend World Rugby Cup matches in France this coming weekend, the same weekend as the start of the Invictus Games. Prince Harry used to be the royal patron of English rugby, but it was taken away from him and given to Kate. Meanwhile, the whole-ass Football Association President was too lazy to attend the Women’s World Cup when England was in the final! But suddenly, William is very keen to go to France and watch rugby. Kensington Palace’s excuses for why William couldn’t fly to Australia for the World Cup: he can’t go anywhere before his father AND environmental concerns. Meanwhile, Peg and Buttons will be traveling to France before King Charles, and you know private planes are involved.

The Prince and Princess of Wales are to travel to France to cheer on England and Wales in the men’s Rugby World Cup, just weeks after the Prince faced a backlash for missing the Lionesses’ historic final. The couple’s brief sporting trip clashes with the start of the Duke of Sussex’s Invictus Games in Germany.

The Princess of Wales, who is patron of the Rugby Football Union, will attend a group stage match between England and Argentina at the Stade de Marseille on Saturday – the first weekend of the tournament. The Prince of Wales, patron of the Welsh Rugby Union, will watch Wales compete against Fiji in another opening-round match at the Stade de Bordeaux on Sunday.

The Duke of Sussex is travelling from the US, with the Duchess of Sussex joining him later in the week, for the duration of the Invictus tournament – his pride and joy which he founded as a Paralympic-style competition to help wounded and sick ex-military personnel. He will take to the stage in Dusseldorf at a grand opening ceremony on Saturday to kick off the eight-day event.

Later the same evening, the Princess will also be in continental Europe, in neighbouring France, while the Prince’s appearance on Sunday falls on the first day of Invictus’ competitive events. Kensington Palace said no further appearances are planned for the Prince and Princess while they are in France.

William and Kate’s excursion to support the two men’s sides in the first stage comes after the Prince was criticised for deciding not to attend the women’s England team’s World Cup football final against Spain in Sydney last month.

[From The Telegraph]

Again, it’s not like the Welsh team or English team are in the quarterfinals or semis or even the finals. They’re making a point of going to group-stage matches just to “compete” with Harry and the Invictus Games. They’re also making a point of showing that they don’t give a f–k about women athletes – William still hasn’t visited with the Lionesses or hosted a congratulatory event for the Lionesses at Windsor Castle or Kensington Palace. William will only show up for male athletes and he’ll only do it to compete with his brother. Desperate, pathetic, juvenile losers.

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