Prince Harry’s Memoir Might Be Pushed Back Because It Has Too Many "Truth Bombs"

Today in the ongoing saga that is Prince Harry’s Memoir™, it looks like the book might be pushed back to 2023 because it’s full of “truth bombs” and Harry doesn’t know how he feels about actually printing them.

According to publishing sources who spoke to Page Six, the memoir was supposed to come out ahead of the holidays (when sales are typically through the roof), but the book still isn’t available for pre-order on Amazon or anywhere else, indicating that things are “up in the air.” And one source in particular noted that “I have heard that Harry has some truth bombs in his book that he is debating on whether to include or not. So this [push back is] no surprise if he needs more time to work on the book.”

Either way, we can apparently expect Harry to do a huge press tour to promote the book when the time comes.

“There is a commitment for a number of weeks and dates and what that entails,” one insider says. “His team will be confirming obligations now for a pretty robust and comprehensive promo tour. It will also have to be international, and that means the UK—one of the book’s biggest audiences.”

There’s obviously been a lot of speculation about what Harry might be including in his book, but so far all he’s said about it is this:

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