Prince Harry turned up at the Warrior Games in San Diego on Monday

A decade ago, Prince Harry was in America and he attended the Warrior Games. The Warrior Games were and are a way for veterans to compete in sports, regardless of the extent of their battlefield injuries. The Warrior Games are just for American soldiers/veterans. Harry was so moved by what he saw at his first Warrior Games that it inspired him to found the Invictus Games, widening the field for veterans of all countries to compete against one another in Warrior-Games-esque sports. Later this year, Dusseldorf will host Invictus. In the meantime, Harry decided to check out Team USA’s activities at this year’s Warrior Games in San Diego. Here are photos of Harry on Monday in San Diego:

— US Army ARCP (@armyARCP) June 12, 2023

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I love this. Following Harry’s court appearance in London last week, every royal commentator clutched their pearls and performatively wailed “I guess he doesn’t care about VETERANS anymore, he’s so focused on his war against the MEDIA!” And here’s Harry showing all of those idiots that he can fight the British media AND support veterans, all within a week. Seriously though, it’s so cool that he still goes to the Warrior Games. Invictus Dusseldorf is gonna be LIT this year. Last year’s games in the Hague were amazing – they had more competitors than ever and more countries participating, and I remember reading that nearly every event was sold-out. Countries are really vying to support Invictus and host the games – after Dusseldorf, the next games (in early 2025) will be held in Vancouver and Whistler, and it will mark this first “winter games” (as in, winter sports).

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Photos courtesy of Instar, Cover Images, Avalon Red.

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