Prince Harry & Meghan Markle Erased From Queen's Commonwealth Trust Site!

All that work and no credit…

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have been completely removed from the Queen’s Commonwealth Trust website after a relaunch this week — proving how far the royal family is willing to go to rewrite history!

If you didn’t know, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex were actually president and vice president of the Queen’s Commonwealth Trust (AKA QCT) before they stepped down from their royal duties in 2020. Now, as the org looks to rebrand, they’ve completely erased any mention of the controversial royals from their site! Damn!

Announcing the launch of the new website on Twitter on Wednesday, the organization shared:

“Our newly re-designed website is now live. Thanks to the important work of young leaders across the #Commonwealth, we have amazing stories lined up for you. Please take a moment to check it out and let us know what you think.”

A quick look at the platform show’s there’s no mention of the Archewell founders, not even in the Team QCT section. They’re also not mentioned under “organizations we support.” On the one hand, that makes sense. They’re no longer involved, so they don’t need to be listed. But no recognition of their work whatsoever? It’s kinda harsh! Also, there’s a detailed explanation of what the Commonwealth is — which seems incredibly pointed considering Harry and Meghan chose to attack the British Commonwealth in their Netflix docuseries!

While the TV show spent most of its time recounting the couple’s love story and slamming their estranged relatives, there was a lengthy section in episode three that blasted the complicated history of the Commonwealth. At one point, writer and broadcaster Afua Hirsch described the institutional racism that has been present in the UK for decades, saying:

“Britain calculated that it needed to grant these countries independence in a way that protected its commercial and capitalist interest. So it created this privileged club called the Commonwealth. The Commonwealth is still described as a club of friends who share common values. I find that language really problematic. I sometimes call the Commonwealth ‘Empire 2.0’ because that is what it is.”

Similarly, Harry and Meghan have both been outspoken about the racism Meghan and their children dealt with before departing the institution, both from their relatives and the British media. So, it doesn’t seem like a coincidence that after putting the Commonwealth on blast just two months ago, the very organization meant to promote the allegiance would erase the former leaders from their history books as retaliation!

But some royal experts have also called the couple’s attack on the Commonwealth into question. During a December episode of Palace Confidential, Daily Mail‘s Diary Editor Richard Eden said the couple was “lucky” Queen Elizabeth II wasn’t around to hear what they had to say about their family’s legacy, arguing:

“It’s almost lucky that Queen Elizabeth isn’t alive to see this because the Commonwealth was so central to her and bringing people together. It’s a voluntary organization whereas , it’s dismissed as this colonial body used for Britain to extract money and resources from the rest of the world. She would have been horrified.”

The Mail on Sunday‘s Editor at Large Charlotte Griffith added:

“They were planning to do all of this thinking that The Queen would be alive to see it Thank God she didn’t.”

The bigger issue, in Charlotte’s opinion, was the fact the Suits alum’s opinion on the Commonwealth “seems to have changed dramatically” now that she’s been in the royal family for a few years. When host Jo Elvin recalled how “excited” the former actress was to visit the Commonwealth countries during her engagement interview in 2018, Charlotte clapped back:

“So she hadn’t done any research before getting married? Is that what’s she saying? And now she’s done her research? That’s inconsistent with who Meghan is as a person, she’s obviously a very well-researched person. I just think her whole stance on the Commonwealth has changed dramatically, maybe she fully believes what Afua is saying. I don’t know but it’s a pretty hard line .”

Hmm. Charlotte seems to be suggesting Harry and Meghan have only changed their tune now that they’re feuding with their family. Could that be true? Or did Meghan’s opinions honestly change once she was a part of The Firm — and experienced some injustices herself?? Either way, the fact there’s no mention of them on the site certainly feels like a dig! Thoughts?! What’s your take on the revamped website?? Let us know (below)!

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