Prince George tucks into pizza while he watches cricket with dad William

The Prince of Wales and Prince George have enjoyed a father and son day out at the cricket.

George, aged nine, was seen tucking into a slice of pizza while his father talked with Prime Minister Rishi Sunak.

The royal pair were spotted watching the second Ashes test match from a box at Lord’s cricket ground in London on Saturday 1 July.

Commentators on social media noted how alike the father and son appeared as they both wore blue blazers and light-coloured shirts while watching England take on Australia, where Stuart Broad is playing.

Both opted for a relaxed style, with their top buttons undone.

They were seen enjoying the game together and discussing the match, with William, 41, pointing out a number of plays to his eldest son.

The pair were engrossed in the action on the field, and at some points shared very similar facial expressions.

And when William got up from his seat to have a discussion with the Prime Minister, George was spotted eating a large slice of pizza.

The Princess of Wales, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis didn't attend the match.

Royal expert Jennie Bond recently told OK! it "would be sad" if George's mum Kate, and dad William, chose to send their three children to boarding school, questioning whether they'd want to keep them as close to home as possible.

Jennie explained: "The choice of school for the children will tell us a lot about William And Catherine. So far, they’ve been such a hands-on parents and, personally I think it would be sad to see them send their children away to boarding school.

"I would applaud a decision to keep them as day pupils at schools nearby their home. But I think both William and Catherine were happy at boarding school. I suppose it’s what they know and perhaps they will want to pass this experience on to their children.

"I imagine it will be all or nothing – in other words, all three will go away to school, or none of them. I will be cheering loudly if they decide to keep their children close and nurture them through their adolescence as they have nurtured them through the young years."

If the couple decided to keep their children near home in and around Windsor, Princess Charlotte could attend St Mary's School in Ascot – the former school of Prince William's cousin, Lady Louise Windsor.

Alternatively, the young royal could follow in her mother's footsteps and study at Marlborough College in Wiltshire. Kate first attended Downe House School in Berkshire and later moved to Marlborough in Wiltshire where she thrived and was very popular.

The historic school has produced many notable alumni, from Princess Eugenie to comedian Jack Whitehall and even Emerald Fennell – the Academy Award winning screenwriter and actress who portrayed Queen Camilla in seasons three and four of Netflix's The Crown.

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