Prince Andrew will not have a ceremonial role during the coronation

Prince Andrew was included in the Windsors’ Christmas at Sandringham. He was even allowed to walk to church with the family, in full view of the public and photographers. Andrew was also included fully in all of his mother’s funeral events. The only change King Charles made was refusing to allow Andrew to wear his military uniform for the actual funeral and procession. My point is that Charles is actually making a point of including Andrew at royal events, so I wouldn’t be surprised to see Andrew feature prominently at the coronation. Now, however, royal sources are insisting that Andrew will NOT have a “ceremonial role” during the proceedings. A distinction without a difference? Because they’re not saying that Charles is ordering his brother to stay away.

The Duke of York will have no ceremonial role at the Coronation because he is not a working member of the Royal family, The Mail on Sunday understands. Discussions are taking place behind the scenes about what role – if any – Prince Andrew might perform during the Coronation. The King is said to feel it would not be appropriate to include him in an official position.

Andrew is still a Knight of the Garter, the ancient order of chivalry dating back to 1348, and, traditionally, Garter Knights have performed significant roles during Coronation ceremonies. When the late Queen was crowned in 1953, four Knights of the Garter were chosen to support her majesty by standing at the four corners of the Coronation Chair during the anointing. Some have suggested that Prince William and the King’s three siblings – Anne, Andrew and Edward – could perform the job.

But last night sources close to the Palace dismissed the idea that Andrew could play such a symbolic part. Nor will he be invited to stand on the balcony at Buckingham Palace with other members of the family during the Coronation celebrations.

It is unclear whether Andrew will even be permitted to wear his garter robes for the Coronation. Despite remaining a Garter Knight, Andrew was banned from last year’s annual public procession. Instead, he joined other Garter Knights for the private part of the day. His private office did not reply to a request for comment, and Buckingham Palace declined to comment.

[From The Daily Mail]

Again, no one is saying that Andrew will be banned from the Clowning. He will absolutely be there. What they’re arguing about behind-the-scenes is what he’ll wear and whether he’ll be allowed to participate in any of the symbolic ring-kissing bullsh-t. Surely the answer is pretty simple, right? Just ban him from the ceremony. I don’t get why the Windsors can’t figure that out. Andrew shouldn’t be there – he’s a global embarrassment, he’s still wanted by the FBI for questioning, he literally paid off the woman he raped. If and when Andrew turns up at the Chubbly in whatever feathered, velvet-caped ensemble, just know that his family is totally fine with that visual.

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