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The signs make the same noise over and over. You are not worthy of a chance at the future you deserve only for existing now. Nothing that happens is your fault, or more precisely, everything is not. Everything is not your fault, except maybe for the fact you have no idea what youre doing around here. All this is happening to you because you are not aware. A big, fat, purple cat, not even as big as you, approaches you. It looks about as big as a baby, but when it opens its mouth it makes the baby gag. You dont understand a word, since it cant speak your language, or even any other language. You can only make out the words RULES. You turn around and then your head gets grabbed by the fur on the side of your neck. Then, you are slammed into your back. You scream out in pain as your head is slammed into the ground. You then have your knees kicked out from under you. Your whole body is then kicked backwards. You are in a pile of snow, you are covered in snow. Your body is covered in snow, you are almost naked. Your arms are wrapped around the large furry body. You then feel a cold, wet tongue enter your mouth. The tongue licks your blood off your face until you turn your head to look at your assailant. You see a large, hairy, powerful mammal, with three front claws and four hind claws. Your mouth is wrapped around its long and muscular body. The furry rodent holds up a finger and begins to point at you. The finger points at you and then points forward, toward the snow pile. The finger points to the sky, and then points toward death. The finger points toward your very life. Nothing that happens is your fault, or more decidedly, everything is not.

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