Pregnant Chloe Crowhursts One Born Every Minute-inspired birth plan and baby name pick

Former Love Islander Chloe Crowhurst has opened up on her upcoming birthing plans, and if she has a name picked out for her baby.

Chloe, 27, announced in January thatshe was expecting her first childwith her Leeds-based beau, who isn’t in the public eye, and has since revealed that they willsoon be welcoming a little girl.

In the wake of finding out the gender of their baby, Chloe had a stunning pink-themed baby shower, where the blonde beauty donned a stunning off-the-shoulder midi dress and heels.

With Chloe having teased that she’s “just about ready to pop" on social media, the 27 year old chatted to OK! about her upcoming birthing plans, and whether she and her partner have a name picked out for their little girl.

“I’ve put down to have a water birth,” she told us. “But, as you know, you can’t always plan how you want it to be.”

Chloe went on: “It would be lovely if I can have one but, if you have a water birth, you’re not allowed any kind of pain relief apart from gas and air. If I need something else, I’ll definitely be getting out of that water.”

As to what inspired Chloe to request to have a water birth, the former Love Island star credited One Every Minute.

“They seem really chilled out,” she explained. “I don’t know if you watch One Born Every Minute but [water births] look a bit more relaxing.”

“I love being in the bath,” Chloe continued. “While I’ve been pregnant, the bath is the best place. It takes away all the aches and pains, so I just think it was a nice relaxing I mean, I don’t think any birth’s relaxing, but I think it would have quite a nice feel rather than being in a hospital bed.”

Chloe went on to say that while she and her boyfriend have discussed names for their baby girl, they’re waiting for her to arrive to make a final decision.

She told us: “We have spoken about it, but we’re just going to wait and see for when she comes and what she’s going to look like.

“Hopefully we’ll then pick and it will feel like the right name.

“We’ve got one name that we both really like, but, of course, until you see them, you’re just not sure. I feel like everyone says 'when she arrives you’ll just know what to call her'.”

Chloe added: “I’m not overthinking it. When she comes, I’m hoping that something will just come to mind and that something will suit her.”

In the wake ofChloe having tragically endured three miscarriagesbefore her current pregnancy, she admitted that she was nervous to announce the news that she was expecting.

She said: “I’ve already had three miscarriages in the past and that’s not been the best experience, but you’ve got to look at it like everything happens for a reason. It just wasn’t meant to be.

“I’m now in a much better headspace and my situation in life is a lot better than it has been in a long time, so now’s definitely the better time [to have a baby].”

Chloe went on to reflect how she felt about sharing her news: “I was really anxious. Telling my family and stuff was fine, but I hadn’t been on social media since weeks before the announcement.

“With Instagram, because I hadn’t posted in a while because I was trying to keep my pregnancy a secret, I was anxious to just randomly post it.”

After sharing the news, Chloe went on to receive a warm response from her 283,000 Instagram followers.

“Everyone was so lovely,” she said. “It was a really positive experience, which was so nice.”

Announcing the news in January of her pregnancy alongside a snap of a polaroid camera, two polaroids of Chloe showcasing her bump, and an adorable knitted jumper reading ‘Welcome little one’, the expectant mother wrote: “2022.. when 2 become 3. We can’t wait to meet you little one”.

“It’s been a overwhelming few months, but I am super excited for the future and creating memories with my own little family.”

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