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Here you can find 7 Hair Spells. A glamour spell is the simplest and most common one to cast. Being able to make a womans hair come in a bunch and up your fashion game is a pretty powerful thing to be able to do. Glamour is the art of manipulating a womens mental perception so that she believes that you, as a man, are more desirable than she is. Beauty spells are a little more complicated and require a little more concentration on their part. A very simple beauty spell, although it will probably cause your appearance to be looked upon as strange and weird. Body spells target the physical attractiveness and good looks of a person. With a body spell you are able to greatly increase the physical attractiveness of a woman. Hair spells affect the beauty of womens hair. Your ability to maintain a hairdo is a pretty powerful thing to be able to do. Body spells affect the beauty of a womans figure. Your ability to maintain a muscular appearance is a pretty powerful thing to be able to do. The way that a man maintains his body is the most important thing to be able to do to attract women. Youve probably noticed that your arms and legs are quite muscular, but your face is fairly average. Youre not ugly, but you are unimpressive and may not be able to get your desired woman. You see that there is only one spell that could increase your beauty and your physical attractiveness to some degree. You need to cast this spell to gain some sort of success. You cast the Beauty SpellWhile you have read all of the books and scrolls, you are no master in any of this. You cant cast a glamour spell, so youll need to use your own natural beauty to charm women. Your mind starts up as the first wave of euphoria starts to wash over you. Your skin tingles and begins to itch when you stretch it a bit. Your hair starts to feel a bit warm and you begin to enjoy yourself as you start to feel pleasure and pleasure begins to wash over you. You feel the need to move around and your heart begins to race as more and more pleasure begins to wash over you. The pleasure is a lot stronger than you thought it would be, but you need to get more of it. You close your eyes and focus on the next phase of your bliss. You open your eyes and see a large tree on the.

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