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Ve found that are worth the trip to see the world through your eyes. I think this is a good time to go back to Germany and see how the system is working. 13 posts7 Apr 2006 The more I think about it, the more I remember the beautiful East Village I visited the first time I visited New York City in 1976. There were still some cheap bars and dancehalls around, and I even went to some of them on a whim just for the experience, which was a lot better than you might be able to at a high-end establishment. And I can still see it all very clearly. 15 posts6 Apr 2006 How long before we see the end of the Berlin Wall. But as time passes the Berlin Wall starts to seem more and more like a strange architectural anomaly of no utility whatsoever other than as a tourist attraction. We are a people who have a history spanning many centuries and can trace our lineage all the way back to the people who built the first houses in Europe thousands of years ago, and yet the history books do not tell us a single thing about the people who built the Berlin Wall. We are a people who have developed technology, medicine, art, music, democracy and now the Internet. We are a people who have endured the loss of hundreds of thousands of people due to war, disease, famine and natural disasters. We are a people who have survived many tragedies that would have wiped out most other nations, but we never recover and we never break. Even today, our land is still threatened by terrorism, and as long as the Berlin Wall stands, we are all as one: the Berlin Wall. 16 posts5 Mar 2006 The Berlin Wall was a beautiful structure, standing tall and imposing as a reminder that we in the East do have something to be proud of.

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