Pop Idols Darius Daneshs cause of death explained by his grieving girlfriend

Darius Campbell Danesh's girlfriend Lauren Cheek recently opened up about the former Pop Idol's death and said that he suffered from an undiagnosed heart problem which made his heart swell to twice its normal size.

The 30-year-old also revealed to The Sun that Darius had a broken neck from a car accident back in 2010 which caused him recurring pain ever since.

The singer and actor was sadly found dead in his US apartment, in Rochester, Minnesota, in August last year at the age of 41. A medical examiner said that his death was caused by 'inhalation of chloroethane'.

Now, his girlfriend, US businesswoman, has revealed the results of his autopsy and said that he was living with a condition that he had no idea about.

She said: “His mum told me they only found out after they did the autopsy. His heart was twice the size it was supposed to be, which was fitting, because that is genuinely how he was — he had so much love.

“The autopsy also found he was living with a broken neck, but he refused to get help or complain about it. I think he used (chloroethane) because he was in so much pain and he didn’t want to take pills, not even aspirin."

Lauren revealed the mixture of the "substance" with his heart condition, was what "killed him."

This isn't the first time Lauren has paid tribute to her former boyfriend as she posted loving pictures of the two on her Instagram following the tragic news.

In a series of touching pictures on Instagram, she shared a sweet holiday snap of the couple outside Edinburgh Castle.

Captioning her posts, she wrote: “My best friend, my love, my soulmate – and now my angel.

“Nothing can put into words the pain and shock I’m feeling without you. It still just doesn’t feel real. I love you forever & ever.”

Prior to Lauren's tribute, their relationship had never been made public and it's unclear how long they were dating. A close pal of Darius, Chris Cochran, who spoke daily to the star, said Darius had felt the same way about Lauren.

Chris, 60, told the Mirror: “He was enjoying a relationship with an old friend that he started dating again. He wasn’t depressed. He was happy. Everything was going well.”

In a message to Chris in July, he described Lauren as “the angel in my life… my love, the woman I listen to and trust”.

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