Pleeeease welcome to the stage: Jelena, Destiny and Christopher…

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You say Thank youYou say it and wave. You also see a lot of the famous stars in the audience and people that you know. S great to be back among your friends. A big screen is showing the same songs you were hearing earlier on the speakers. A guy in a suit with a huge, fat bowtie is introducing each singer. T seen in so long you wonder if you will survive. Some people laugh with you while others have a serious expression. S the same one you were on earlier. The crowd is very silent and stares at you, some with a smile and others with a look of disappointment, some with admiration, but none of the others with hate, jealousy or contempt. This makes you happy and the crowd is singing along while clapping. Your friends, and the people nearby you, some of them seem to come from a distance, are staring at you. A few of them stop their songs to speak to you. S the first song we played and as many of you know, my name is Christopher Lambert. You should come by my place for a drink sometime.

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