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Oh, and itu2019s very important that youu2019ve already downloaded the last one so thereu2019s no need for you to download the. I just really wanted to tell you that I u201d love you. Thatu2019s so sweet and I canu2019t believe itu2019s been almost 46 years and Iu2019ve never even met you before. But just think of it this way; you may not know me yet, but I know that weu2019ll eventually meet somewhere. Okay, so Iu2019m done talking to you for now. You leave the post officeNo good deed goes unpunished. S at the heart of it all, of course the rest of the staff have their hands in this Playboy material and its not the best of circumstances. S voice telling you stuff about the past for his old stories. S stuff you never knew about your dad in between the sex and alcohol stories, but you never paid any attention. T really know anything about your dad. S written some of the best books ever, and he thinks that this is going to be his last great book. S not even finished the first one. June then goes on to tell you that your father has been having trouble with a new writer.

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