Piers Morgan talks Gary Lineker’s ‘bad’ reaction to aftermath of his GMB departure

Piers Morgan recalls Sharon Osbourne 'strangling' him in 2017

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Since Piers Morgan, 55, sensationally departed Good Morning Britain last month during a week that left the nation reeling following Meghan Markle’s tell-all interview with Oprah Winfrey, he noticed he had gained over 200k new Twitter followers. But he also found out that his pal and former footballer Gary Lineker, 60, wasn’t happy about it.

It certainly matters to Gary Lineker, who’s reacted to me overtaking him as badly as you’d expect from a competitive sportsman

Piers Morgan

In his latest column for the Mail Online, Piers discussed Chrissy Teigen’s return to Twitter, in a scathing rant.

He labelled her return “predictable”, whilst branding her a “narcissist” and that the break she took from the social media site was nothing short of “blissful”.

But he soon turned his attention to his own issues at hand, where he addressed Gary’s “bad” reaction to his new follower boost, which sees their accounts both sport 7.9million followers.

“On a more positive Twitter note,” he penned after talking about Chrissy, “I’ve gained 200,000 new followers since leaving Good Morning Britain, taking my total to nearly eight million.”

He went on to tease those who make fun of his obsession over followers, blasting them for only having “very small” followings of them own.

Piers continued: “It certainly matters to Gary Lineker, who’s reacted to me overtaking him as badly as you’d expect from a competitive sportsman.

“‘You’ll do absolutely anything to get more followers than me,’ he fumed.”

Piers added: “I would. But as Gary himself once said, ‘I was only interested in scoring goals – I wasn’t interested in anything else.’”

Elsewhere, the presenter also spoke about the debacle with his friend Sharon Osbourne, who also recently left her job on US cast show The Talk, for backing him over his decision to leave the ITV program instead of apologise.

She was branded a “racist” for fiercely defending his freedom of speech after he said he didn’t believe a word Meghan had said in the interview, and was challenged by her co-star Sheryl Underwood.

After an internal investigation, Sharon was stood down from her position and penning in his column, Piers spoke about her first TV interview since the drama unfolded.

“Appearing on US chat star Bill Maher’s HBO show, she said she was ‘angry’ and ‘hurt’, and Maher – who like me is liberal but anti-woke – mocked the whole furore by saying, ‘Piers Morgan was called a racist and lost his job, and you were called a racist and lost your job.

“‘Who’s the racist and why? This is what I’m trying to figure out. You have to agree with everything Meghan Markle says or you’re a racist? Is this the standard now?’”

“Apparently so!” Piers retorted.

While on the subject of Sharon, he thought about their turbulent friendship, which is full of eye-raising comments and bickering.

After Maher probed her about a fight between the pair in the past, Piers thought he’d give more detail.

“As for the fight, that occurred at a private NBC ‘talent introduction dinner’ in Beverly Hills, the night before we first started filming together,” he recalled.

“Sharon was seething from something I’d written about her. ‘Forgiven me yet?’ I asked, as the main course arrived. ‘No, you pen-pushing little t***,’ she snarled.

“This sparked a lively exchange of insults for ten minutes, the best of which was Sharon spitting, ‘You’re just Simon Cowell without the talent or f***ing class darling.’”

He remembered she leapt up and launched at him with Jerry Springer having to intervene and lead her out of the room, where she shrieked: “I’m not finished with you!”.

Piers continued: “At 2am, Sharon rang. ‘Ozzy’s told me to stop being silly,’ she chuckled. ‘Sorry for being a naughty puss…’

“At filming the next day, we had a great time, clowning around as if nothing had happened, while the American executives shook their heads in disbelief, muttering: ‘These Brits are even crazier than we thought…’

“True, but Sharon’s definitely crazier than most, and ferociously loyal, which is why I love her.”

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