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And its not just people who work in the music industry. For instance, you were supposed to do a cover for a magazine, but the main artist wanted you to do her cover. So, you ended up doing a cover for her instead. It was really cute, but you didnt really like her. There were also other requests to do covers of other music and films that you didnt particularly like either. If you were a regular magazine, youd sell out like a pig on sale, but, like I said, youre not really a magazine. Its not like you need to do these things, because youre a photographer. But, you dont want to do it just for the sake of doing it. Well it doesnt matter what kind of person you are, its just that you want to do it for yourself. But, just like you said, this is actually a really good chance for you this time. A chance youve never had before, because you never really thought about getting into a club scene. You just thought about doing something in your photography in some way. There isnt much you can do right now, you just have to rely on your own instincts and maybe a bit of luck. You take out your phone and start the app that you use for taking pictures and you make yourself comfortable on one of the couches in your room and get yourself into the mindset of taking the pictures. And then, you start taking pictures of the inside of the bar. Its not hard to get to the places that you want to go to. Your location search shows the places that you need to go to. The difficulty comes from not being able to make the connection. Youre not sure why, but you start taking out your phone one by one and taking pictures of the various men and women that are in the place. You dont really think about them too much to begin with, but of course when youve taken all your pictures, you start thinking about the people in the club and the different types of people in the club. After about half an hour, you feel that it should be around time to call it a day. Youre feeling pretty energetic at the moment and are in no condition to continue taking pictures. Shit, I think I need to take a break soon, I think Ive taken too many photographs. You cant stop taking pictures today. Ill go sit on the couch, can you do it.

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