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Lindsay Lohan has been photographed wearing a variety of fur coats. FacebookThe social networking site is the go-to place for fans to connect with their favorite celebrities, but according to a celebrity-surveying report from DigitalSpy, the photos shared are typically of other celebs. 300m of new funding for a planned new bridge to link east London with the south-east. The first phase of the planned toll bridge will see a new bridge over the Don River built. Funding comes from the UK government, as well as capital subsidies from TfL. 7bn and, once complete in 2026, TfL says it will handle an extra 6,000 vehicles a day. Rival bridge builders Balfour Beatty and SBM Rheinland are yet to give updates on the project. Economic boostLondon Mayor Boris Johnson has repeatedly called for a bridge linking him to other parts of southeast England, due to concerns about congestion on the M25. He has also said the bridge would be a gold-standard transport project in east London. The new toll bridge will be the first phase of a wider transport project connecting east London with the south-east and will add thousands of extra car journeys per day to the capital. It will help stimulate our economy and create thousands of jobs, said London Mayor Boris Johnson. Image copyright Getty Images Image caption London Mayor Boris Johnson is a proponent of the Don bridgeHe said the toll bridge would be funded with the money TfL would save over the longer term from cutting congestion on the M25. As the first major piece of new major road or infrastructure to be driven forward by Londons transport department, it will provide a boost to Londoners, cutting congestion at the heart of our capital, he said of the toll bridge. And it will be built for a fraction of the cost of the alternative route, which would have seen a flyover built in.

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