Peter Mullan salary: How much was Peter Mullan paid for Ozark?

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Ozark will be ending with a bang as the writers prepare to wrap up the hit Netflix thriller with an extended fourth series. The show launched back in 2017 and quickly established itself as a must-watch on the streaming platform. Season four is in the works at the moment with the cast and crew shooting the new episodes.

How much was Peter Mullan paid for Ozark?

There’s no release date for the show as yet but when Ozark does return it will be split in half.

The two blocks are expected to be released a matter of months apart, allowing fans to savour the action a little bit longer.

While some fans wait for the show to return, others have been revisiting the previous three outings and are eager to know more about Scottish actor Peter Mullan who was behind villain Jacob Snell.

Jacob was a big part of seasons one and two before he was killed off by his wife Darlene Snell (Lisa Emery) after she felt he had gone soft with his actions towards the Byrdes.

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Figures for Mullan’s salary for Ozark aren’t available but according to MarriedBiography he has a net worth of an estimated £725,000 ($1,000,000), while Idol Net Worth has his wealth down at an estimated £580,000 ($800,00).

Although there are no numbers for how much he earned, the star could have been making a handsome salary from the show as he was a big name when he was cast.

Mullan was already a veteran star with roles in War Horse, Braveheart, Trainspotting and Children of Men and a career spanning from the 1980s.

In fact, the actor was pursued tenaciously by Ozark’s makers to star in the show even before the scripts had been finished.

Ozark lead and director Jason Bateman told the Scottish Herald in 2017 how Mullan’s performance in Top of the Lake had inspired he and showrunner Chris Mundy to approach the star.

Mundy told the publication: “We had him in mind from the very beginning, to play our main threat, locally, and went after him, in a really aggressive way. I was a little starstruck.

“We wanted him so bad – we didn’t even have a script for him when we offered it to him. Thankfully, he said yes.”

All of this suggests, Mullan would have received a substantial fee because he was the actor the producers had in mind.

A report from Variety in 2017 suggested both Bateman and dual lead Laura Linney bagged an estimated £239,000 ($300,000) for each episode of Ozark they appear in.

Therefore, as a big name, Mullan may have been earning close to this amount for his own salary for Ozark.

As television stars are paid per episode and Mullan appeared in 20 episodes, he would have made a good amount of Ozark.

Since departing from Ozark, Mullan hasn’t been short of work and starred in last year’s fantasy drama Cursed as well as his recurring role in HBO’s Westworld.

He is next going to be starring in the hotly-anticipated The Lord of the Rings TV series from Amazon Prime Video, which is filming at the moment.

Along with acting, Mullan is also a director and worked on Neds, Orphans and The Magdalene Sisters.

Reflecting on the Scottish film industry in general, he told The Sunday Post in 2020: “There’s a lot of stuff being filmed here, but I don’t know if it’s Scottish.

“I’d like to see more. As far as I know, there were no Scottish films made in the last six or seven months before lockdown. We’re a long way from where we should be.”

Ozark seasons 1 to 3 are streaming on Netflix now

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