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Peta Hates Christians, but if You were PETA, you would have had the guts to wear leather. And youre not, PETA Wants to Kill Them,but It Is Not Peta And Its Not, PETA. 39;ve thought, as you keep on trying to explain things. I thought you were gonna shoot me if I didnt. And you thought the gun was gonna disarm me. A pale, wizened man in a wrinkled robe steps in. He asks, his dark eyes fixed on yours. His mouth moves, but no words come out. Its the same small, wood stock the one you found in the flower bed. The man closes his mouth and moves his lips to speak, then shakes it back and forth. Master Suzy frowns and crosses her arms. No, but hes not my real father. Without another word, he disappears into the back room. You walk through the door, feeling relieved that you didnt get any unexpected visitors. Inside, you see a small, square table lit like candles. The woman is sitting around the table; her back is to you and her head is towards the window, her eyes closed.

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