People on Instagram are getting PDO thread lifts to get cat …

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You dont do itThe reason why you wont link in your pictures is mainly because youll look like youre a complete whore and its not worth it, not worth it, not worth it. You dont want to get involved in any more of those things. How about you let me link, and Ill make the effort of letting you see my pictures, you know. Ill let you see my pictures after I get back from a shopping trip, so I can actually get something done around here. The next couple days pass very quickly. You get back from your shopping trip and start to see your Instagram feed. You dont know what to make of all the pictures, and you just sort of stare at them with a blank expression and then you get a little scared when something you just posted gets deleted. A couple of days go by and you get back home, which then leads to a string of disturbing Instagram messages from an unknown number. Ive been meaning to ask if you do X, Y or Z on your Instagram. I can help you get that thing you want. Youre just tormenting yourself and giving these fatties something to do. You wont like me when Im angry. Cant you see Im trying to give yall something here. Im telling you to click on a picture of something, you dont even have to click on it. Now, Im gonna click on that picture, I promise Ill only use it to feed you. Youre hurting yourself, you know youre hurting yourselves, its killing you. Im gonna take you out to dinner or some shit, if I can find the right party, Im gonna buy you something, anything I can do to help. You shriek and hang up before you can even get out the words. Youre shaking in your bed pan, you havent been like this since prom, you.

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