People just found out that Zachary Levi is an anti-vaxx Evangelical douche

I’ve never given Zachary Levi more than a passing thought of “that’s Zachary Levi, oh.” Based on his name, I did think he was Jewish, but I just found out he’s a hardcore Evangelical… so that surprises me. Also a surprise: he’s one of DC’s hot properties, the face/lead of Shazam! Well, funny story – Levi is one of those idiot Evangelicals who thinks the Covid vaccine is some kind of government conspiracy. Yet another mess for DC, huh?

— Zachary Levi (@ZacharyLevi) January 29, 2023

In case the studio makes him delete that, he quote-tweeted this: “Do you agree or not, that Pfizer is a real danger to the world?” with the comment “Hardcore agree.” The original tweet was from an account which frequently posts dangerous anti-vaxx views, in addition to transphobic bigotry. And that’s when Twitter started talking more about who Levi is and what he espouses. Did this guy successfully fly under the radar for years/decades or were people seriously not checking for him at all?

A transphobe who appeared on the 700 Club, a Trump Republican Christian network that has HATES minorities & gays for existing.

— Dana (Store Name) #AmplifyBlackVoices @ #Sundance (@sagesurge) January 29, 2023

— Tom Zohar (@TomZohar) January 29, 2023

— Younis (@younityyy) January 29, 2023

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