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The biggest benefit is its right by one of Chinatowns less popular and crowded area. Second, its not far from a lot of convenient bus routes that can get you wherever you need to go in the area. Third, its near the freeway exit, so its not far away from any of the major thoroughfares. Your options for hair and beauty products arent the best. The place is huge and youll have to spend a ton of money just to get a good amount of what you need. The only thing you can expect here is conditioner and hair rinse, but there are a few other stores that carry similar products as well. If youre coming in from San Francisco, you have to come over the Golden Gate Bridge because you wont find a place like this on the other side. Its a shame, because you could really use this as a major hair and beauty destination. You might be wondering what would be better for a place with so much to offer. The same thing thats going to do the job just a lot better. You cant find any shops that sell hair color at all over there, so youre really disappointed when you get to the front of the store and see it out of stock completely. The only hair color you can expect to find is the kind you can get at JoJos salon or Dollarama, but there arent many like places that carry those kinds of colors. The staff here isnt anything to write home about either. There isnt much in the way of speaking or hand gestures that indicate a real personality. Just a lot of men in expensive hair colors, some men that look like they care about them a bit and a lot that arent so much. You cant find anything for your color either. The person that sells this type of stuff isnt a woman. If you really wanted to get out of here, youd have to go somewhere else. You look around and notice a TV out on a flat screen. It has a lot of local channels and a variety of shows playing, you cant recall anything specific, but there are a few that are more your speed. It is the best way to get anywhere thats not a bus route. On your way home, you decide to check out the nearby area and see if theres anything on TV, or in the store that looks interesting to you. You find yourself at the KFC location near the freeway. Youve never eaten at a KFC before, but you know that place is good to eat.

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