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CeliaAnd so you try out peek which is definitely a departure from the usual routine. Not so much the color, but more how you achieve it. D swear that you were wearing a different look every day in the office. In fact, you start to feel a little embarrassed doing it. When you really think about it, all of this is a lot for you. Even if you get used to it in a month, youre still stuck with this look for a long time. The next day, you go back to your routine a couple more times and even try a green eye make-up, but the green is so weird to you, but you still stick with it. S getting colder out and you have to stop off at the pub. Not even a normal nose could achieve that. Re at the pub, you talk to this girl and have a nice interaction with her. A few moments later, she comes up to you and hugs you. Re free to leave, but she has to go home soon. You tell her to get in your car and drive off quickly, but she refuses to leave you be. The next day, things become more awkward. M so glad you came out today. T the best idea, so you run away from the girl screaming at leaving her and.

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