Paul McCartney is left handed and also uses his left hand …

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The more you think about it, the more it makes sense. You even feel a wave of pride that something youre good at and have always done well actually worked for you to get you this far. You turn around to leave and realize that youre still carrying your guitar case. You walk up to your room and look inside it. You pick it up quickly and then look at it. Youve never played any left-handed music before, but youve always liked it. You find it really relaxing, and you remember reading about left-handed guitar playing a long time ago in a book once before you even came to this place. But after seeing this guitar case, you feel like youre ready to start learning how to play right now. You open up the guitar case and find a fairly simple left-handed ukulele. You actually dont realize how much youve been missing this thing. After all, youre not used to having the right side of your body and your head to play with while your left arm and leg are still moving around. You begin to learn and practice your left-handed ukulele. And as you do so, you begin to feel a little weird about it. You know, but you keep at it anyway. Youre starting to feel more comfortable with it now. As you continue to practice, you find yourself thinking about your old friend Bob. You think about how he once said that he used to feel weird about playing left-handed, and of course you had to know. By the time you went out into the world looking for this guitar, you had a pretty good idea of what Bob meant. The more you think about it, the more youre starting to think he was onto something. After all, it was something he used to be good at when he was in his other life. And suddenly youre thinking back to a time long ago when your old friend Bob was in his other life. The more you think about it, the more it makes sense. You reach into the guitar case and pull out another guitar. Youve never played an acoustic guitar before, but you figure its a good start. You begin to play along to one of the songs that Bob had on his computer disk. You feel sort of different when youre playing. A different energy flows through your body, and you can actually.

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