Oz includes nine shades of neutral, mostly warm-toned eyeshadows with a …

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S a girl gotta do to get that sweet, sweet cheap. So it occurred to you that maybe you could purchase a full-sized bottle of your favorite shade for cheaper on the high street. Ll probably find some shade you like on your own sooner or later. No wonder Sephora is always going out of their way to get you to spend money on their products. Re just going to have to think about this more later. You grab a few things that can help in your search for cheaper shades, and head to Sephora. S just that I need you to help me. Yes, I need you to help me get something for fifty dollars. M willing to pay whatever you want. Re sort of afraid to go to the cashier without having some excuse first. After some negotiation, you give her fifty bucks and get out of her office. You go home and spend the money on a few things you need. T hear anything else from the lady after that. You figure she must really be bad luck or something.

Article about Huda beauty smokey obsessions