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Item : SCP-XXXX Object Class: Euclid Special Containment Procedures: The main entrance of the residence is to be blocked by concrete barriers and armed guards, equipped with motion detectors and sound-induction sensors. An additional security force of ten armed guards are to patrol the surrounding area, and a military convoy is to be deployed to the nearest major city. All visitors and vehicles must be checked for weapons or anything that could harm the Foundation. All Foundation employees are to be prohibited from entering the area, as SCP-XXXX is to be kept as under seige. All visitors who are cleared and undergo a security check are allowed to enter. All equipment which could be used to harm the Foundation is to be removed from the residence. Description: The house that SCP-XXXX refers to, is situated on a rural estate not more than three miles from what is now the outskirts of the town of Brightwood. The property is rural and unkempt, and has a wooden front door. The house is three stories high and made out of an assortment of different materials that are not readily available in the area. The main entrance is made out of wood, with a gate which has a small, rusting iron gate hinge on it. A wooden door is attached to the front of the house, with an iron padlock on it. On the front door and on the second floor, there is a painting of Belle from the movie Beauty and the Beast on the wall. Upstairs is mostly empty, with a small bedroom to the left, a bathroom to the right, a kitchen area and a bathroom to the back. The bathroom shows a painting of a nude woman, and has a sink, tub, toilet and shower. The bedroom shows a painting of Belle in her nightie, with a wooden bed and a nightstand. There is a small wardrobe to the left and a wardrobe to the right. The kitchen shows a picture of a woman cooking, with a wooden cutlery set on a cutting board. Next to the picture is a bowl of cereal and a box of cereal. The bathroom shows a painting of a nude woman, with a glass shower on the right. Upstairs there is a bedroom which appears to be empty, except for a wardrobe. To the right of the painting is a painting of a naked man, to the left is a painting of a naked woman and to the right is a portrait of Belle by Hans Christian Andersen. There are no other paintings on the wall inside the house. Items recovered from the house have included:SCP-XXXX-1a – A small wooden box with a painted picture of a hand and thumb, which.

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