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One Time Piece Only Ages 40 And UpPlease dont get scared of the Cthulhu spirits I m just shyestalker about Ill be innervating your cute young clients. Lore of the DragonbornA brief chronicle of the origins of the dragons and their draconic allies, and the events that resulted in their conquest of the mortal world. The Dragonborn are the only non-draconic race to have ever controlled a dragon. They are the progenitors of the draconic race, and the greatest of the dragons. The dragons of this race are of the giant variety; there are no smaller, more manageable varieties. Like their progenitors they are all massive in both size and stature, and are almost universally referred to by the humanoids as dragons. There are however some that are smaller in size, and they are collectively known as the dragonslayers. Some legends suggest that when their civilization was in its prime, they were known as the most powerful and advanced of all the species in the known universe; other legends say that dragons were the scourge of the lands, that they were the greatest threats to the natural order of the universe, and that there is a power far more terrible than any mere mortal can bring to bear. It is also said that when they turned to dragonslaying they became the first and last of their kind. The Dragonborn have always been a people apart from the rest of the known cosmos. They have lived and worked on their own little island, away from the rest of the universe and the tides of time. They are masters of the skies and the winds, the seas and the storms. They are the scaly, fire-breathing, fire-eating, fire-stealing, fire-crawling, fire-loving, fire-crawling, fire-loving, fire-crowding, fire-loving, fire-eating, fire-sinking, fire-loving, fire-sucking, fire-thrashing, fire-breathing, fire-scything, fire-thrashing, fire-thrashing dragons. The legends say that when their civilization was at its prime, they became a great nation with cities on every continent. For centuries, the Dragonborn have been content with their life on their island of Jicol. They have ruled it well, having protected it from the threats of the material plane and the forces of chaos, though some fear that eventually, the dragon spawn will start to awaken and.

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