Our Yorkshire Farm’s Amanda Owen admits marrying husband Clive was ‘steep learning curve

Our Yorkshire Farm: Amanda discusses marrying Clive

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Our Yorkshire Farm Amanda Owen was a guest on James Martin’s Saturday Morning earlier today where she opened up about her marriage. The shepherdess discussed how marrying husband Clive Owen was a “steep learning curve” as she wasn’t used to life on the farm.

James was asking the star about how they first met when Amanda made the admission.

She said on the ITV show earlier this morning: “I was milking cows over in Cumbria and I was sent on a mission to go and go and borrow a tup.”

Amanda then teased how James would know what a tup is, given he also comes from Yorkshire.

The shepherdess continued: “It is a ram.

“I went to pick up a male sheep and met Clive and that’s where it all began.

“But obviously it’s been quite a steep learning curve because I ended up going to Ravenseat and marrying a man who will present me with half a bullock as a gift.

“So you kind of have to go from zero to hero very fast.”

Amanda has also previously opened up about how she met Clive back in 1996 on her show.

At the time she was a trainee shepherdess and was sent to his Ravenseat Farm to borrow a male sheep.

Speaking about this on an episode of Our Yorkshire Farm, she admitted it wasn’t love at first sight for the pair.

She said: “It was a slow burn thing we kind of got to know each other.

“Made friends first then went out a little bit together.

“With us both coming from non-farming backgrounds we were kind of peas in a pod really but we didn’t know that at the time.”

Clive added in the episode: “I do remember this six-foot-something woman knocked on the door.

“I was very taken with her. You couldn’t not be.”

Amanda was on James Martin’s show to promote her new book The Yorkshire Shepherdess.

The new book features pictures from the farm, as well as recipes she uses.

Taking to social media to post about her appearance, she penned how it was a “treat” to chat to James.

The shepherdess wrote: “What a treat to be invited onto @jamesmartinchef Saturday Morning show on @ITV.

“There’s lots on the menu, some fantastic fun and food ideas.

“Even got to sample @jamesmartinchef own lamb recipe using our own Ravenseat lamb!”

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