Our first store opened its doors in the suburbs of Chicago in 1990…

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You leave herWhy is it that all of these people are so mean to you. Im not saying youre the one to blame, but if you ever feel the need to lash out at someone, at least it might help someone else. It just all comes down to your environment. You leave the salon and continue to the local shopping center. You notice that you havent seen any of the salon employees. You also see a woman in a bright green shirt sitting near the building. This is the only way I can get to the rest of this trip. I know who you are and I do want to know more about you. Why do you want to see me. So are you going to give me your details or not. This woman takes you up on your offer. She tells you what she knows and her name is Victoria, the manager of the salon. She says there were people from another salon that visited the one you just came from and one of them came to her asking what to do with her hair. She says the woman looked very depressed, so Victoria gave her some advice on how to deal with it. She gave other advice, in general, and said that she promised to tell her that she was going to get free hairpieces at the Beauty Parlor, and that she had been seeing a client named Cindy since yesterday. She said she did not think Cindy knew it, but that Cindy was actually her cousin. This was the only information Victoria actually gave you.

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