Our champagne-infused Shampoo gently cleanses hair without…

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You use both of your potionsWith both of your potions, which you now believe to be your holy grail potions, you feel your hair grows longer and stronger by a significant amount. The shampoo isnt as effective and it isnt even a good alternative, You use both potions on yourself to see just how much, when you see a dark haired woman carrying the potions to you. You ask her where the spa is and she tells you at the bar. S open until eight, and that you may take whatever you wish. You thank her and leave, as another shadow approaches and tells you to wait. You wait another few minutes before you see a boy of about thirteen enter the bar. As the boy looks at you, he begins to blush and the blush becomes more pronounced as he stares at the bottles of shampoo and potions. He starts to sweat and his body shudders when he realizes who you are. You give him several swigs of the shampoo, which he starts to gulp down. You put a bit more in his mouth and give him several more swig. T have the neighbors calling in with their symptoms around now can I. As you leave, you think that maybe your potions are a little stronger than what you thought. You only need to see someone familiar. Before you left, you felt it was important to give Shadow a few thanks for giving you his potions It helps with hair, and for giving him a place to sit down and rest. S a little hard to find as there are several people in the bar area. Your search is a little harder when a man, tall and thin, wearing dark sunglasses, comes up from behind you and sits in an empty chair in the corner of the room.

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