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Positive On, mistersally from Spring, TX wrote: I live in Spring TX. My family planted oregano in our backyard back in the 70s. We now have tons of bracts and evergreen vines. We also enjoy eating the bracts raw. In fact I would say the plants are getting better lately because they have not had as much shade to grow in and as the sun gets stronger, the foliage stays longer. It is a good thing they are out there for such a special environment. Just a note for anyone else trying to put oregano for the first time. The leaves can be quite strong so try to wear gloves. Mine didnt because I was too busy having a snack. :, Positive On, nikki from Kila, HI, Zone 11, wrote: This was my first summer growing oregano, and I love it. I got it from a friend who is trying to grow it for the first time. Ive been watering it every other day, so Im not sure if the leaves are all the way in yet. But Im so glad I gave it a try. If I keep it watered, its probably going to produce about 8 to 10 bracts before it dies down for the summer. Ill have to buy a few more plants for friends around here when it gets cooler this year. Neutral On, jimmytheroofer12 from Phoenix, AZ wrote: I had it in my backyard in Phoenix, AZ. But now when I have it in my yard in Phoenix, AZ, there are so many little white flowers it was depressing. I was so happy when I decided to plant it here in New Hampshire. The flowers are pretty, but I just wanted it to stay here. So I put it down on my patio and when the weather grows cooler, when its hot and if Im home it looks great. Positive On, mikie from Fauquier County, VA wrote: I grew this plant in the ground in the back yard of my grandparents house in the 1970s. They grew and loved it every year and they kept the original soil. It is now in the ground in the back yard of our house. Positive On, jasonthecat from Tustin, CA, Zone 9a.

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