Oriental beauty, white-tip oolong, and champagne oolong are other names …

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Your eyes scan the tea as he describes it to you. You can see that the tea is bright orange and very sweet, but its not bitter. In fact, it does not seem so much like any other tea that youve ever had. He continues to explain that some people love the color and flavor of it and others find that it isnt right. It tastes best when fresh, but its also okay to drink when its been in a pantry for a few days. This cup of tea is so unique in so many ways, and you dont really know where to start, so you ask if you could have some of it. The only thing I can give you is your first cup. With those words the man takes out a teapot from a large pot on the stove. It looks like a big cup of steaming hot tea. Isnt that what you were dreaming of just a minute ago. The woman sitting next to you nods approvingly with a smile. The woman explains that its used to make tea from the green leaf tea youre drinking. You ask the lady where shes from and how she got here. I grew up in a tea farm on the island of Jicarilla Pass. Youve never seen a tea farm before or even heard of one that was on a tropical island like what Jicarilla Pass is. She tells you that her family farm is overgrown with tea plants and its almost impossible to grow anything there now. She tells you she wants to leave someday, but she says she doesnt know where to go and she wants to have children just like you so theres always someone around to help out. She tells you she used to study medicine, but she can no longer do that anymore since her husband is in a lot of pain from an ailment that the family has. She says that she would like her to help with the farm so she can keep him free from pain forever. You leave the islandThe woman tells you that she doesnt want you to stay here, that she wants to leave. She tells you that shell leave in a few days since the farm is a lot less profitable than it was, but she says shell come visit you just once a year and that when she does, if youre still thinking about her that way youll come and visit her whenever you can. You cant say that you agree with her decision. If anything, you think the pair of you could be better off together.

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