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You buy the maskYou buy the mask because you believe in making life easier. The idea of Khichis Beauty sounds like too much fun for you to pass up. The idea of being able to control the aging process is intriguing as well. You also cant help but feel happy buying a cheap mask like this, which you can make your own whenever you want and use any way you want. You get back home, unwind a bit, and play with your new friend Khichi until you fall asleep. You wake up to a loud noise and your heart begins to pound and your skin begins to itchy, but the excitement is still there. Youre a bit nervous, but if you wake up and the machine doesnt work, well, at least you have your mask. Your phone buzzes, as it has at least five times since you got it. Its a new message from Alex that reads:Hey, its Alex, whats up. Youre glad youre not in the zone right now, hey AlexHes definitely on the phone, yeah, Im on a phone right now, what do you want to talk aboutUm, well, I need to talk to someone about something that Im thinking aboutYoure still on the phone with Alex, Im just finishing up a book, let me ask you some questions about the book and we should do a chat session sometime to talk about the bookYoure trying to be super secretive here since your phone is probably bugging out, try to keep a straight face. Alexs face shows relief upon hearing that you want to talk to someone about the book. His face lights up from ear to ear as he says,Umm, yes. I think there are a few things in the book that I should know about. Let me get my book back now, I have to go to the bathroomAlex leaves the bathroom and comes back with a book. Youre on the phone with him and youre having a little fun trying to put him at ease that hes doing a great job of being super secretive. So do you have any questions about the book. Im gonna read through it and answer as many of your questions as I canYou start to get tired of Alexs rambling, as he keeps rambling about something being in the book and then leaving you to find out about it and you cant concentrate. You start to ask your questions on things you think would be interesting to know about. I was in this city two years ago and it was really crazy there, I also read a book about a city two years after it had collapsed and it was really dangerous and I read an essay on why its good thereYou start feeling a little anxious, its.

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