One of my favorite blind items is when someone …

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You sleep a bitIn the morning you finally get to see what Patricia is saying. You realize that this blind item is really interesting. It is going to be difficult to leave this house for the next few minutes. A Little more sleepWith the last bit of sleep you can still muster you walk past your family to the bedroom. You have a few things to pack for the trip out of the house, including a few pairs of your clothes. If you dont feel ready to leave right now you will leave tomorrow. Now that you are finally getting close to the end of the house you realize that you are going to have to deal with the blind item before putting it away. You decide to just take a look at it right now, then youll give it some time to sink in. You try the Blind ItemYou decide against it. It is going to be a hassle to deal with and the only thing you can do is just to be sad and get in bed for a bit. You morningYou decide to wake up for a while. You can wake up Patricia when you want to, for a bit of privacy or because you want to talk to her, or something. You get up and get dressed to try to make yourself feel like a person again. It is going to be hard, but thats going to be a long road ahead. You homeYou walk to the house and finally feel like you are home. You go to the kitchen and wake up your father who is already up and awake. He tells you that he is glad that you came to see him last night since you are going to be helping him put his house back together again. Then he says good night and goes to his room. You feel like you are really falling for this house, so you dont care if its a trap or not. This whole time you have been planning and planning, but the closer you got to the front step the.

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