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You also see that youre on the website for the TV Show, so you decide to check it out to see what shows are on, since you think youll like them better. You turn off the computerYou turn off the computer and close the browser window. Its a sketch comedy show with a variety of comedy performers, with a variety of characters. The host is an older woman with a big mustache named Kelly Ripa. Kelly is wearing red-rimmed spectacles and a long blonde wig. A man dressed in a purple sweater with a bright yellow stripe is sitting on a stool next to Kelly. He has red shoes and purple hair with yellow streaks in it. He has a green button-down shirt under the sweater. Theres a large white creature with red, bulging eyes thats sitting in a chair to his right. Theres a woman in a purple dress sitting in a chair to his left. The host announces, And now, our special guest is the creator and star of the most recognized and beloved animated television series on planet earth, which is now in its second season on the CW Network. She gets up off the stool and walks over to the man and the woman in the purple dress. As she passes the man, he lifts his hands to wave at Kelly. Kelly smiles again, waves, and walks off to the side. Kelly walks over to the man and the woman; she looks at each one with a bit of a squint, as if seeing something wrong with each one. Finally, the woman walks over to her and bends down to kiss her on the cheek. She turns her attention back to the man and the woman. The man lifts up his hands, which are raised in front of him in a sign that says Hey. The woman smiles at the man and he smiles at Kelly. Kelly turns her attention back to the audience. The host introduces, And now, our special guests are the creators and stars of the hit show on the CW Network, Beauty and The Beast. The man and woman turn to the audience, who looks back to them for confirmation. The man pulls on Kellys arm as he points at her. Suddenly, the man smiles at Kelly and the woman, lifts up his hands, and waves them towards Kelly and the woman.

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