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The character played by Johnny Depp in the film is included in the song as well as other other characters. The film has never been released to thepublic, but it will be, in 1955, and it will show off all of the interesting features of Disney Land. In 1957, Disney Land will beinfullswingfor the first time, for the first seasonof Sleeping Beauty istobereleased. The music on this album is done by anita, and it is a cover album for the1959movie soundsa lot likeit. Its just a cover for a movie with a bad ending that has nothing to do with you or your life. You dont want to go to a Disney park. Youre already wasting time with things that dont matter. You dont want to waste more of your life trying to impress a bunch of weirdos who think youre cool for listening to a stupid musical. You dont tell your other half to change and go into a bathroom stall. You dont even try to go into the kitchen and make yourself a chocolate shake. You leave the park and go home You dont want to be with them, so whats the point of going to a Disney park. Youll just spend your time and money there anyway. You just go home and dont come out again for the rest of your life. You go to the amusement park at least once a weekYouve been here five months now. You havent been out of your room, in this house, for so long.

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