On August 23, we officially enter Virgo season, lasting …

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The 10 VIRGO CEREMONIES that you are going to attend This Week: The Biggest Celebrity Party in the Universe The Most Insane Party of All Time. The Longest Running Vampire Party in the World Virgils Biggest Party.

Weve decided to stop using the term celebrity and refer to them simply as celebrities. That means:1, Your favourite celebs are no longer referred to as famous because theyre not famous, theyre just celebrities. 2, Any time a celeb diesdies, we instead refer to it as:The Celebrity DiesNow, this doesnt mean we wont write about celeb deaths any more, we just wont use the term celebrities to refer to them anymore. Best,BatDadThe following morning, you wake up as usual in the familys basement. You can feel the blood draining from your face. Eve says, as she stands at the foot of your bed. You say This is just stupid, and I dont think you understand the situationYoure starting to find it hard to maintain your composure. This little incident has put a considerable stress on your relationship with Diana, and your best friends death has put a strain on your own. Diana is a mother figure to you, and you feel awful that.

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