Olivia Rodrigo Blames Loneliness for Her ‘Identity Crisis’ Struggles as Young Disney Star

In addition to revealing how being in the spotlight affects herself, the ‘Drivers License’ hitmaker shares how she was pushed to find her ‘brand’ when she was 14 years old.

AceShowbizOlivia Rodrigo has opened up about the struggles she had to endure when she was as a young Disney star. Growing up as one of the lead stars on “Bizaardvark“, the “Driver License” hitmaker put the blame on loneliness for her issue with “identity crisis.”

Gracing the cover of ELLE magazine, the 18-year-old shared in her profile story about feeling lonely at the same time she started gaining recognition with the series. “It’s a multicamera sitcom, so literally every set is within a yard of each other. You just walk to the different sets,” she first explained.

The “Deja Vu” singer went on to admit that during those days, she had “an identity crisis on steroids” as she elaborated, “Who the f**k am I? Who cares about me? How do I treat people?” To make matter worse was the pressure of being in the show business. She pointed out, “Most 14-year-olds aren’t in a room with adults being like, ‘So, what’s your brand?’ “

Even though she was lonely while filming “Bizaardvark”, Olivia did admit that she bonded with co-star Madison Hu, whom she described as “literally my soul mate.” She also began discovering her passion in music making. The singer-songwriter dished, “I realized that songwriting was something that people do, and it’s a craft.”

The “High School Musical: The Musical: The Series” star further explained to the magazine, “I’ve always had that in my head, ‘The point of music is to move you.’ There’s something so powerful in being vulnerable and open, like, ‘This is my life, and I’m f**king sad.’ Or, ‘I’m insecure.’ ” She added, “That’s what makes songwriting so special.”

Olivia’s songwriting talents brought her to new heights when she released her hit “Drivers License” in January. Still, the “An American Girl: Grace Stirs Up Success” actress admitted that she’s worried she’d “never going to write a song as good as that again.”

“I thought I was going to be really in my head, like, ‘I’m never going to write a song as good as that again,’ ” she spilled before noting that “Drivers License” has given her lots of positive energy. “This song has given me a lot of confidence in my voice.”

“I think songwriting has really helped me home in on what I like about myself and my art,” she added. “I just want to be effortless, I guess … Whether it’s in my fashion or my songs or my social media, I want to just be like, ‘Yo, this is me. And I’m sometimes weird as f**k, and I’m sometimes polished and put together.”

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