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I meanthat is kind of why people build archaeological excavations. Wait a minute, you said something about a list of famous people. Okay, well Id say you got off pretty easily. Re not really familiar with, but then again you never really did have time to meet them. Ll be off, anyway good luck out there. You leave the old celebrity, and head over to the next one you were looking for. Eventually you stop and look at some pictures of people in front of a blank white wall. Oh a blank wall, what else do you want. S probably one of the ones you painted on the wall. Johnny says, then looks directly at the wall. M not even a pretty good actor when I try. S not really important right now. Re trying to get through right now. S got a blank expression on his face and looks away from the wall completely embarrassed. After a moment, Johnny stands up, dusts himself off, turns and starts walking away in the opposite direction. Re sort of wishing you could just.

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