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And you also received this in your email:I was going to be blunt about this. Ive received terrible service from them for years, and while I love the free swag, I am not willing to take that personal. You just delete the accountYou delete the account, along with your review. You go back to your account and delete the review again.

Ive never used a review site before, but Im not going to go through all this trouble of writing a long screed on a forum when I really feel like doing it all over on this site. I know you guys can do a better job than this. Im just not going to waste my time on this anymore. Im going to just delete my review and get another one on another product line. This company doesnt deserve this kind of customer service. Ive used these guys for a long time and now that theyre being shitty to me even more, Im having second thoughts about them. Im moving on to try my luck elsewhere. Ill admit I wasnt thrilled about getting this particular product, but I figured I probably would find it useful if I had bad skin or acne or something like that. I suppose theres a good chance that it might work for me. I was really excited about getting this as my first product purchase from Koreadepart. I even got a 5 discount code for my first purchase. I came home from work yesterday to see the box had been shipped to my home. I was ready to open up the box, and I was really excited to see what beauty products it was. The first thing I tried was my Estee Lauder foundation. It was very shiny and didnt seem to have any foundation on it. It seemed very hard, and when I put a lot of layers on, the foundation actually got all over my face with a lot of it coming off every once in awhile. I then tried on the Estee Lauder High Beam in Pink and it was nearly identical to my Estee Lauder High Beam in Orange. It had the same color, just a different packaging and a different bottle. This product seems to have too much shimmer on it which makes it look a lot shinier. Im pretty sad to say I have to return this product. I tried on the Smashbox Stay All Day Foundation and thats about as bad as they got it. It looks like a clear, shiny, slightly tacky consistency. Its not even covering my face, its coming off as I tap my finger over my face. After trying on other foundations in this line, I cant even find one that matches my skin tone. I tried on the Rimmel London Never Say Never Liquid Foundation in Pink and that product had the most consistency of all of the products I tried.

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