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You have been here so long, you have forgotten how much you really want to get out from under the thumb of these people. And if you want to keep this place open, well, Id appreciate it. While you dont have the money, you have some connections. Could you give me your number. Im afraid we no longer sell phone numbers or anything of that nature. I think that line has long since died, he says. You dont even want to think about the person he was. You just wonder how it feels to have a phone number stolen, though it really isnt that big of a deal because you have your own now. You sigh to yourself as you decide to just go back home and get a real job so you can have money to spend on food and alcohol. And thats how you found your way to the underground booze store: by being a little desperate. You decide to take your chances with the police since you dont have anything to lose. Hey, Im a reporter with a newspaper that doesnt exist, can I ask a question. You decide to go with the least scary one you have, the cop with the goatee. You actually wish you had a better choice, Who are you. Ah, youre from a little town called Klyton. Im just a regular guy, like most of you. Um, well, we know you, but thats about all I can tell you. Thanks to you, I finally got a lead off the crime. She was kidnapped from Klyton City a few years ago. Okay, then I can say nothing at all. It takes a while, but you finally get some decent information from the cops. The girl was found living in the mountains, near Fort Glory, and it.

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