Of all the wisdom Beyonce imparted in her Vogue essay, …

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Now this is one of the few times that a guy would go for her, and you are just as weak as her but you would rather be a leader than just a follower. You decide to go after Beyonce so you can show her the real power of a man. This is probably going to be a bit different from other things you have done. When you first got together in High school, you could have just kept up and pretended to like her like you did back then, but you were never one to just sit around. She was really popular and you thought about breaking her heart at times. She was nice to you, but you always knew that there was a reason why she was your first and only girlfriend. So as it turns out you are going to do something about it. With her popularity now at an all time high, you need to show her that you are in control and that she cannot just go and do whatever she wants. Her popularity has not been this high in over a hundred years, at least not in your lifetime. In reality, she is getting older and you think if you are going to give it your all, you might as well make the most out of it. Why cant I just sit around doing nothing. I dont even eat anything that isnt organic. A trailer park would be nice, but I know I am not very versatile and would not last a day there as I should be here. I know, Im also tired myself, but even I want to be free. I dont even want to go home to my family. I think a man can be most comfortable after a hard days work. Besides, I have been with you for years, it would be hypocritical of me to just leave you now. You are just going to be a nice guy, she wouldnt care. I guess I have a lot of nerve coming to say this to you, because you and I havent spent very much time together other than as friends. I know we arent friends, but I really mean what I said. I want to spend the rest of my life with you, and I have no plans to just stay home most of the time.

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