Nourished hair, glowing skin and a little love to the planet in every bottle…

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You look at her feet and it occurs to you: You can see the world from her feetThe world is your horizon, but it is your horizon in her feet as well. What is more, she is always on the verge of stepping onto it, she never manages to do so, but you feel her feet in your own as though they were your own. You go closer to herYou continue to look at her feet, you can tell that she is not wearing shoes. In fact you can see her feet as though they were made of glass. Her skin is so smooth, so radiant. A drop of sweat drips from her forehead as you peer at her feet. She does not have any hair, but her feet, her toes, are as pure as any other humans. What can you see, if not the face of a face. You continue gazing at her feetThe world is as lovely as she is. It would be a shame to disturb her; so you keep gazing at her feet. The world is your horizon, but it is her horizon in your own eyes. You reach out to her feetYou do not know if you should touch her, but she was once a thing that looked like you. You do not know if you should reach out, but she once looked at you, she is beautiful and you are a stranger. You cannot deny this fact, you must have her. Her feet you clasp with your hands and place them on yours. Her feet, her toes, her feet, and yours. Her feet are just like her eyes. You fall asleepShe smiles at you, but you cannot see into her eyes. She can smell the flowers in the air as she continues to gaze at you. Her feet are her horizon as you gaze into her eyes. You and she are standing on the brink of stepping onto each others horizons. The world is your horizon, but she is her horizon.

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