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You You dont know what the fuck youre doingAlright, alright, I cant do this anymore. Im just going to go out on a limb and say the movie is as boring as I feel. Yeah, I mean I kind of got used to it, but whats yours. I dont think it means much else though. Well you must have a pretty sweet little one. Well, youre lucky because my name is Jeff. You just stare at the television for several minutes trying to reconcile what youve just heard. You continue to watch the show, unsure as to what else you can do. You dont seem to know shit about me. Well I guess Ill just play along, but I dont know if Im Kevin or not. Well, alright then, whats your real name. Jeff continues to stare blankly into the screen. You keep looking, as he continues to stare, then eventually looks up and starts to laugh at the absurdity of the situation. You stare blankly at the television for a few minutes as he starts to laugh uncontrollably. Finally, he falls back asleep, but you remain in disbelief. Finally a guy, youd even hear the end of it if you really searched on line. You continue watching the showYou continue to try to sleep, before you get interrupted by Jeff waking up and going to the bathroom. You quickly get up and get the remote and turn it back on.

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