Northern California Wildfires Engulf Roads as Driver Perilously Tries to Escape

California is on fire … and these images show the panic, desperation and sheer scope of the tragedy.

Check out this dash cam footage from the Hennessy fire in Northern California’s Napa County, which has burned around 200,000 acres and is only 7% contained.

The car is barreling down the road, flanked by flames that are almost licking the vehicle as the driver tries to escape.  Among the dangers … trees toppling to the ground after being engulfed in flames.

There are around 560 flames burning in the state … many started by some of the nearly 12,000 lightning strikes.  There are thunderstorms all around Northern Cal and sweltering temps, making firefighting next to impossible.

The scope of the fires is unprecedented, and, as Governor Newsom said during the DNC … it underscores the climate crisis.

And in the Gulf of Mexico … there are 2 tropical storms converging on the Gulf at the same time … something that has never been seen before in the area.

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