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Youre a very fortunate woman, I swear, and I will have to do some more work, but I want to thank you for this great gift. I would think my life was pretty full of things to be proud of, but somehow I just couldnt seem to be. But, after this, everything is going to be so much easier. And, you can always come visit me at the house of course. I think its safe to say that we have very different worlds. But, if you ever do have the need for me, by all means come back. But, just know, I have no intention on leaving this house ever again. Now then, I really do have some things to do for my master, which I shall begin in a little bit. You wait here for a few moments to make sure nothing has happened to the house. In fact, you cant even sense any supernatural creatures prowling about, but something seems out of place about this place. You know that the other side hasnt been taking any prisoners lately, so there has to be something here that has the same idea. When you havent been able to sense any supernatural presences from the other side, you head back out to investigate. When you find the house in need of some repairs, you and Mary leave it to get it done. After that, you enter and ask Mary whats going on. She explains that the house was bought and sold several times with no permanent home for it currently, and each time someone had a different idea of what it was for and it ended up being a bit of a wreck. Its currently owned by the mysterious man who lives there, who she describes as being either from a different time or space, or something inbetween. The odd thing about him though, is that he seems to be very old, if his clothing is any indication. He lives here, but he doesnt talk to anyone. And he doesnt do any repair work on the house, but he says he can. When hes not, he just lies in his bed. And when hes not lying in his bed, hes usually reading. Hes never said a word, but I can tell that he has some kind of special knowledge or understanding about the house. His clothing also has a strange symbol on it, and its very hard to read. You go talk to him, in case you need an idea of what to ask himSo, whats your name.

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